Dean Message -

Dean Message

Dr. Sangram Bana
Dean Academics


I pleasantly welcome you to Phonics Group of Institutions, Roorkee. Higher education in India is undergoing a remarkable transformation. PGI attained the prestigious autonomous status in year 2009. We have refurbished the curriculum and implemented major changes in curriculum delivery to a very large extent. Now, the emphasis is on comprehensive, continuous research based learning rather than rote and exam oriented learning.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has been emphasizing on Outcome Based Education (OBE), rather than the traditional exam-centric, educational system which was followed earlier in our country for centuries. In OBE, the real learning outcomes of students are measured in an objective manner, mainly to ensure that our higher education system is more accountable and quality-oriented. PGI effectively implemented OBE throughout its curriculum and believe in continuous improvement of academic endeavors.

As COVID-19 continuously spreading in many countries of the world, how to keep learning in disruption has become a major challenge to the global education community. Covid-19 has forced universities across India and the world indeed, to suspend physical classrooms and shift to online classes. PGI, Roorkee has decided to take the lead so that the studies are not conceded, and students do not fall back on academics. They have decided to implement an online education system. During the COVID-19 outbreak, PGI has launched the “Interrupted classes, Uninterrupted Learning (ICUL)” initiative, providing online education to over 2500 students from their homes.

Finally, ever since we gained autonomy, we have ensured that a sizeable number of constructive changes have been made to the traditional curriculum in creating a word-class curriculum and a stimulating learning environment as well.

Welcome to Phonics Group of Institutions…

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