Hostel & Mess Facilities -

Hostel & Mess Facilities

PGI hostel rooms are comfortably-furnished and make for a good home away from home. Girls and boys have separate blocks and each block has a fixed capacity. There is a range of accommodation options to choose from, for students’ convenience.

In this kind of accommodation, students have access to the TV room, aqua guard for hot, cold and normal drinking water and other leisure/sports activities within the hostel premises.

Phonics Group of Institutions is one of the best engineering colleges in Uttarakhand which provides the best hostel life; the hostel atmosphere forms an essential part of the young budding engineers and management graduates.

Each room is on twin sharing, rooms are spacious, ventilated, airy and well lit.

Facilities for a Hosteler

  • 24×7 Wi-Fi connectivity provided in all hostels
  •  CCTV cameras at entrances of all hostels inside the campus
  •  24×7 electricity and water supply in all the hostels
  •  Solar panels installed in all hostels for hot water
  •  Caretakers and housekeeping services are provided in all hostels during the day and night
  •  A scaled-down version of Gyms in all hostels

Hostel life is an excellent opportunity for the development and enrichment of the character and personality of inmates. Phonics Group of Institution is known for the best engineering college in Uttarakhand for providing 24×7 security for the students living in the hostel and makes living on campus safe and comfortably.

Add-on facilities for students living on campus:

  • Personality Development classes
  • Cricket Ground
  • Volley Ball Court
  • Basket Ball Court
  • FootBall Ground
  • Recreation Room for Indoor Games
  • Modern Gymnasium
  • Television Room


We are offering mess facility to our students and staff. The mess offers all meal i.e., breakfast, lunch and dinner to hostel students. We are giving utmost importance to cleanliness and hygiene at mess. Special food is provided for students who are fasting. There is regular check and monitoring on mess facility by the institute. The students in the hostels roll only have the right to enter into mess premises. The students are required to come to the mess during their specified timing only, not before or after. Mess Committee is governed by the students, the mess committee makes sure that students’ health and nutrition is well taken care of. Mess serves breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner every day and the weekly menu (Chinese, North and South Indian cuisines) is available with mess in-charge.


The Phonics Group of Institution cafeteria is designed to make dining a comfortable and enjoyable experience for students. A favorite spot for any student in any college is always the cafeteria. It is the place where one can drop by in any frame of mind and still have a great time. The Phonics Group of Institution cafeteria serves a variety cuisines and meals which are healthy and nourishing. All food served in the cafeteria is recommended by a certified dietician who draws up the menu and ensures that the students are getting a balanced diet. All drinking water on the campus is RO filtered. The cafeteria staffs are trained to maintain kitchen hygiene and are always appropriately attired. College cafeteria not only serve basic cuisines but also serves students favorite pasta, macaroni, Snacks, soft drinks, fresh juices, shakes etc.

ISO 9001-2008 Certified Institute