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Bachelor of Education


Welcome to the Department of Education. The department remains one of the main departments providing the nation with professionally qualified educators, teachers, supervisors and administrators. Phonics Group of Institutions is best college of Uttarakhand for B.Ed. Specializing in undergraduate study in the field of Administration, Early Childhood and Primary education, the department targets practitioners desirous of developing their skills in pedagogy, school management and policy and research in education. Phonics Group of Institutions is top most private college of Roorkee for Bachelor of Education.

The department believes that education is our best hope for the future and endorses the quote: “Whoever touches the life of a child touches the most sensitive point of a whole, which has roots in the most distant past and climbs towards the infinite future.

Department Vision

The vision of Phonics School of Education is to provide an excellent education for all pupils within a caring environment.

Department Mission

  1. Curriculum: To provide a framework for learning within and beyond the formal curriculum that offers pupils a range of opportunities designed to help them reach excellent standards of attainment and achievement.
  2. Teaching: To provide effective teaching that is marked by high, but realistic, expectations, and which promotes a joy in learning that forms a sound foundation for continuing achievement in later life.
  3. Meeting Pupils’ Needs: To provide challenge and support for learning that are well suited to pupils’ individual abilities and needs.
  4. Resources: To provide accommodation, resources and facilities that are appropriate to an excellent modern education.
  5. Management: To provide effective leadership and management that enables all staff to be aware and responsive to the needs and aspirations of pupils, other staff members, parents and the wider community; and to be successful in pursuing continuous improvement.
  • To prepare dedicated teachers for the improvement of the school education system in the nation.
  •  To make teachers well-equipped to teach at schools in secondary and Senior Secondary levels.
  • To train the teachers so that they are fit on all the fronts, i.e. social, mental, physical, moral, cultural and spiritual.
  • To help them excel in academics as well as other areas of prosperity.
  • To provide opportunities to enhance their competence and knowledge construction abilities in creating a positive learning atmosphere in schools.
  • To enable teachers to understand child psychology so that teaching-learning processes could be designed by themself accordingly.
  • To innovate in educational technology.
  • To adopt and renew the relevant techniques of teaching skill development.
  • To equip teachers with necessary soft skills and attitudes.
  • Be empowered in subject content and pedagogy.
  • To develop an understanding of the contemporary Indian Society, with special reference to education.
  • To be able to interact with children from diverse socio economic and diverse back grounds.
  • To be able to use learner centered teaching methods as such and with modification in future.
  • To develop an understanding of paradigm shift in conceptualizing disciplinary knowledge in school curriculum.
  • To identify the challenging and overcoming gender inequalities in school, classroom, curricula, textbook, social institutions, etc.
  • To create sensitivity about language diversity in classroom and its role in teaching learning process.
  • To enable student-teachers to acquire necessary competencies for organizing learning experiences.
  • To develop competencies among student-teachers to select and use appropriate assessment strategies for facilitating learning.


  • To develop humanitarian values and ethics who can shape future generations with competencies as well as values.
  • To establish close connections between different curricular areas
  • To connect theoretical curricular areas with practicum through tasks and assignments
  • To provide a reflective school experience through a 40-week internship programme

Our Faculty

Mohd Shehroj


Nempal Singh

Pawan Sharma

Naresh Pratap


Arun Pratap Singh


Mustaq Ali


Sushil Kumar

Dr. Jitendra Singh

Samshad Ali



Rajeev Kumar

Student Details

Batch Available Seats Student Enrolled Fee Structure
2020-22 100 94 55,000/year
2019-21 100 92 55,000/year