Computer Center -

Computer Center

The Computer Center (CC) is the nerve center of the campus-wide network. CC is located on the first floor of Admin Block and consists of a laboratory for Internet Browsing and provides space for other computing facilities. CC provides system administration and technical support which includes software installation, the configuration of servers and desktops, network monitoring (both wired & wireless) and internet sharing etc. The computer center is well-equipped with a Web Server, Academia Server, E-Mail Server, Security Wall, Bandwidth Management, and Data Servers to cater to the academic needs of the students, staff, and faculty from all departments. The center is a constant hub of activities, providing a conducive learning environment. The trained technical staff is available to help the students.

To keep pace with the fast-changing World & to make the world a smaller place to live in, Phonics Group of Institutions provides fast Internet facilities on its campus. The institute also has access to the Internet through a WI-FI for the students and staff. The Internet facility is available throughout the campus. A highly specialized state-of-the-art Internet lab is there for students to access the net whenever they wish to do so. As a result, Phonics Group of Institutions over the years has been ranked among the ‘Top Private engineering college in Uttarakhand’.

PGI computer center is the primary place for campus-wide networking and internet connectivity. PGI computer center has a network infrastructure including routers, firewall, unified threat management (UTM), manageable layer 2, layer 3 switches, and also features a cluster of Windows and Linux-based servers for mailing and web application hosting. Fiber optic from local ISP terminates for Internet connectivity 32 Mbps (1:1) bandwidth and further emanates to all departments/sections.

PGI computer center makes computational facilities available to all students and staff at the institute. Students, staff, and faculty from all departments and sections get access to use the internet and email services. The computer center has a suite of software addressing the needs of various campus users.

ISO 9001-2008 Certified Institute