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Bachelor of Computer Applications


The Phonics Group of Institutions offers BCA course under the banner of Sri Dev Suman Uttarakhand University. The Department accentuates value-based quality education through dedicated, well qualified, highly technocratic faculty members involved in latest areas of research such as cloud computing, computer networking, information retrieval and data mining. Phonics Group of Institution is the top college of BCA in Uttarakhand. The well-designed curriculum of BCA course along with co-curricular activities such as Seminars, Conferences, Technical Quiz, Project display, Paper Presentations etc. facilitate the students to compete in the corporate world and for higher studies. Department provide the students ability to serve the competitive and corporate world in the field like Information Technology, Project management, Information System, ERP, System & Application Programming, System Analysis & Design, E-Business etc.

We inculcate problem solving attitude in our students; at the same time we encourage them to grow as effective team players with a strong set of ethics, communication skills and zeal to outshine in the global arena.

A rigorous monitoring is used to evaluate the progress of students through a well-formed continuous evaluation and feedback mechanism. Mentorship system helps the students to improve their overall performance.

With the honest intention of making the vision of ‘Digital India’ come true; the whole department welcomes you to the PGI family. Phonics Group of Institutions is the best college of Bachelor of computer Application in Roorkee Uttarakhand.

Department Vision

To be recognized as a Centre of Excellence in the country that is capable of transforming learners of Computer Science to Professionals working for the upliftment of computing technology, society and the world as a whole through their life-long learning experiences by providing value-based, exceptional learning environment for education, research and training in Computer Science and Applications.

Department Mission

M1: To develop the creativity of problem-solving through computer science in the learners through our continuously improving academic environment and excellent computing infrastructure.

M2: To provide value-based education and training through high impact teaching that inculcates excellent basics, sound practical knowledge of automating various kinds of systems through effective programming skills.

M3: To develop the youth into professionals who can work in a team, possess high analytical abilities, and help in solving complex problems of various domains through principles of computer science and applications.

M4: To focus on building professional skills that are useful in Entrepreneurship and development of relevant technological projects for a larger section of the society.

M5: To grow as a nurturing environment of computer professionals for imparting a lifelong learning skill.

The objective of this course is to introduce the organization of a computer and its principal components, viz, ALU, Control, Memory and Input/output. The course will also enable the student to understand the design components of a digital subsystem that required realizing various components such as ALU, Control, etc.

  • Demonstrate the layers of architectures in computer systems from digital logic to networks.
  • Explanation of CPU components and how they are composed in terms of Digital Logic.
  • Design, analysis and implementation of assembly languages including function call basic control structures.
  • Demonstrate functional knowledge of operating systems and networks.
  • Focuses on preparing student for roles pertaining to computer Applications and IT industry
  • Start from the basics and in every semester learns each and everything about computers.
  • Develop programming skills, networking skills, learn applications, packages, programming languages and modern techniques of IT
  • Get skill and info not only about computer and information technology but also in common, organization and management
  • Learn programming language such as C, C++, Java, HTML etc…
  • Information about various computer applications and latest development in IT and communication system is also provided