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Central Library

The Central Library at Phonics Group of Institutions epitomizes innovation, accessibility, and user-friendliness, catering to the diverse academic needs of our students and faculty members. As the hub of knowledge dissemination and research support, our library is designed to foster a culture of continuous learning and intellectual growth.

For students enrolled in the Top Diploma in Pharmacy College in Haridwar, the Central Library serves as a comprehensive resource centre, offering a vast collection of textbooks, reference materials, and research journals relevant to pharmaceutical sciences. Whether you’re delving into the intricacies of pharmacology or exploring the latest advancements in drug development, our library provides the necessary tools and resources to support your academic journey.

Similarly, students pursuing their studies at the Best BPT College in Haridwar and the Top BPT College in Haridwar can benefit from the extensive range of physiotherapy-related literature available at our Central Library. From anatomy and biomechanics to rehabilitation techniques and sports medicine, our collection covers all facets of physiotherapy, ensuring that students have access to up-to-date information and research findings.

The Central Library also caters to the academic needs of students enrolled in the Best BMLT College in Haridwar and the Top BMLT College in Haridwar. Our collection includes a wide array of medical laboratory technology resources, including laboratory manuals, diagnostic procedures, and clinical case studies, enabling students to enhance their theoretical knowledge and practical skills in medical diagnostics.

Students interested in medical imaging and radiology, enrolled in the Best BMRIT College in Haridwar and the Top BMRIT College in Haridwar, can explore our collection of radiography textbooks, imaging technology references, and diagnostic imaging atlases. With access to state-of-the-art resources and research databases, students can stay abreast of the latest trends and developments in medical imaging technology.

Furthermore, students pursuing allied health sciences programs such as the Best B.Sc.(OTT) College in Haridwar and the Top B.Sc.(OTT) College in Haridwar, as well as the Best B.Sc.(Optometry) College in Haridwar and the Top B.Sc.(Optometry) College in Haridwar, can leverage the Central Library’s diverse collection of occupational therapy and optometry literature. Whether you’re studying visual rehabilitation techniques or occupational therapy interventions, our library offers a wealth of resources to support your academic endeavour’s.

In addition to academic resources, the Central Library also plays a pivotal role in supporting the placement activities of our institution. As the Best Placement College in Roorkee, Top Placement College in Roorkee, Best Placement College in Haridwar, Top Placement College in Haridwar, Best Placement College in Uttarakhand, and Top Placement College in Uttarakhand, we understand the importance of providing students with access to career-related resources and job placement assistance. Our library offers a collection of career development books, interview preparation guides, and industry-specific publications to help students prepare for their future careers.

Library Vision

The Campus Library are engaged in learning and discovery as essential participants in the educational community. We develop, organize, provide access to and preserve materials to meet the needs of present and future generations of students and scholars. We explore and implement innovative technologies and services to deliver information and scholarly resources conveniently to users anytime/anyplace.

Library Mission

The Campus Central Library strengthen and enhance the teaching, research and service of the Campus at. The Central Library promote intellectual growth and creativity by developing collections, facilitating access to information resources, teaching the effective use of information resources and critical evaluation skills and offering research assistance.


  • To provide the right information at the right time in the right form.
  • To facilitate the creation of new knowledge.
  • To optimize the use of information resources by inculcating reading habits among the users.
  • To offer a fully integrated and dynamic environment suited for academic pursuits, study and research.
  • To promote awareness of library and information resources through user awareness programs.

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