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Research EEE

S. No.Title of the Research PaperJournalVol., Issue and Page No.Year of PublicationISSN No.UGC Approved JournalPeer-Reviewed JournalImpact FactorAuthorsType of Authorship Claiment (First/Principle/Corresponding/Co-authors)
1Experimental investigation on power output of different photovoltaic array configurations under uniform and partial shading scenarios International Journal of Energy, Elsevier 127, 438–45320170360-5442YesYes, SCI8.857Bana, S. and Saini, R.P. First
2Identification of unknown parameters of a single diode photovoltaic model using particle swarm optimization with binary constraintsInternational Journal of Renewable Energy, Elsevier101, 1299 -131020170960-1481YesYes, SCI8.634Bana, S. and Saini, R.P. First
3A mathematical modeling framework to evaluate the performance of single diode and double diode based SPV systemsInternational Journal ofEnergy Reports, Elsevier2, 171-18720162352-4847YesYes, SCI4.937Bana, S. and Saini, R.P. First
4Fingerprint Recognition using Image Segmentation International Journal of Advanced Science Engineering and Technology 5(1), 12 – 232011YesYes3.15Bana S. and Kaur D.First
5Islanding Detection in Distributed Generation By Neuro-fuzzy Approach International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering Volume 4(Online),Special Issue 1, 52-572014ISSN 2250-2459yes 7.127Sonu KumarFirst

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