Find Your Route To A Successful Career After Graduation


Find Your Route To A Successful Career After Graduation

In today’s technologically adept world, there are a plethora of career options available for aspiring students. Completing your graduation can result in two completely contrasting emotions. One is that is marked by happiness for crossing an important milestone. The second emotion is one of worry as to what steps should be taken ahead in order to pursue the right career. With such reflecting emotions and the number of options available, it is only natural that candidates get extremely confused as to which career option to focus on. 

The faculty at the Phonics Group of Institutions, the best BCA College in Roorkee suggests that is important to recognize one’s skills and strong points to comprehend which career would serve the candidate best. This article aims to give a clear idea of all the career options that can be pursued after graduation. 

A freshly graduated candidate from the best College in Roorkee can pursue the following careers. 

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management: One of the best career options for a fresh graduate is pursuing a post-graduate diploma in management. This is for candidates who have an interest in business, a career in the corporate world, or want to try their hands at entrepreneurship. Unlike MBA, a post-graduate diploma in management is more practical oriented and imparts all fundamentals of the business world. The Phonics Group of Institutions is the best BCA College in Roorkee. 
  • Digital Marketing: The post covid world is a world that is highly influenced and dependent on digital marketing, which thereby has made it one of the most lucrative career options. The Dentsu report suggests that the field of digital marketing is bound to grow at 29.5% CAGR which will result in market size of INR 35,809 crore by 2023. After graduating from the Phonics Group of Institutions, the best College in Roorkee students have bagged jobs as social media managers, content marketing managers, SEM and SEO specialists, and website marketers. 

This field is very inclusive that accommodates candidates from all backgrounds like business-minded, creative individuals, and techies. Many students from the best B.Ed. College in Uttarakhand has opted for this field. A candidate can expect an annual salary package of 3 to 6 lakhs per annum. 

  • MBA: An MBA graduate can explore and exploit endless opportunities as the course itself equips candidates to be masters in all aspects of commerce and business. This is a brilliant career option for candidates who have strong business acumen and are job-ready right after completing the course. Aspiring candidates need to clear competitive examinations like CAT and GMAT to clear admission. 

The Phonics Group of Institutions is the best B.Ed. College in Uttarakhand. They have world-class infrastructure and faculty.

  M-Tech: This is a good option for B. Tech candidates that aim to get exposure into the managerial world. There is a possibility for a bright career in the corporate world as all multi-national companies are always in search of highly-skilled engineers. The Phonics Group of Institutions is the best B.Ed. College in Roorkee.

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