Top 5 Placement Tips for MBA students


Top 5 Placement Tips for MBA students

Nowadays, most students who pursue BBA at an undergraduate level opt for a management course post that. The reason for the sudden rise in the number of students who are actively aspiring for an MBA is the cutthroat employment race. Some of the best MBA College in Roorkee offer specifically designed courses and syllabi through internships, industrial workshops, and exposure. 

Many colleges in Uttrakhand have become widely popular as they offer various specializations such as Travel and Tourism Management, Marketing and Communication Management, Finance Management, Event and Artist Management, Entrepreneurship, etc. This degree essentially teaches students how to get an edge in different aspects of effective business management and entrepreneurship. 

  • Networking is key: The Phonics Group of Institutions conducts close to 100 social and cultural events each academic year, including workshops, site visits, training sessions, and career fairs. They encourage their students to utilize these opportunities and absorb to their fullest capacity and be as strategic as possible. They have been awarded for being the best placement College in Roorkee. 

Itis essential to focus on relationship building while networking and not on the number of people contacted. The best form of networking is focusing on fostering that one relationship that can bear fruitful results. It is a misconception that extroverts fair well while networking, introverts also tend to leave a mark while they focus on relationship building. 

  • Thorough research before job negotiations: The Phonics Group of Institutions has a separate and distinguished career cell wherein they provide benchmarking and data to help students prioritize their goals. They are considered the best BBA College in Uttarakhand. They track the strengths and possible outcomes of students. They provide valid compensation information and train their students to build a holistic career. 
  • Set realistic goalsIt is essential to be in a comfortable college and academic lifestyle as students only strive in a supportive atmosphere. The Phonics Group of Institutions provides a unique and entrepreneurial environment that is mission-driven. They are known to be the best placement College in Roorkee as they provide practical real-world advice, up-to-date knowledge, and constant one-on-one support. 
  • Consider offbeat job options:   One of the major changes that Covid has brought to the corporate and business world is new job avenues, positions, and the work-from-home culture. The Phonics Group of Institutions is the best BBA College in Uttarakhand as they have helped get their students to get placements even in the Covid world.
  • Explore out-of-the-box opportunities: Recent trends in employment have shown that there is no fixed particular background that is required for any position post an MBA. If the candidate is confident of their skill set, they don’t need to fit a typical background to fit in any position. Students from the Phonics Group of Institutions, the best MBA College in Roorkee have bagged atypical jobs with their networking skills. 

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